145 160  
Surface 13.5 14.9
Wing span 9.5 10.1 m
Aspect Ratio 6.8 6.8 km/h
Glider Weight 29 31 kg
Nose angle - - °
Hang-in Weight 64-100 73-118 kg
Speeds 32-82 32-85 km/h
Minimum sink 1.0 1.0 m/sec
Best Glide - -  
Folded Length 4.9 5.2 m
Certification US US  


T2C Falcon Sport2 Sphinx


The U2 was conceived as a very light-weight glider with performance approaching that of the much heavier, more expensive, and more challenging competition class wings. There are no reflex bridles - all stability systems are internal - so cable drag is minimized. Beginning with the 2009 model year, all lower cables are 3/32 1x19 un-coated, for additional drag reduction. Standard on the U2 is the new Litestream control bar, a Slipstream style, fully streamlined bar that uses the same streamlined aluminum basetube as the Slipstream bar, but with shorter chord, easier to grip, lighter weight Litestream downtubes. Specially machined, fully streamlined aluminum corner fittings complete the Litestream package, which offers a more than 95% reduction in drag as compared to a regular AT-style streamlined control bar with a round basetube. The U2 features a curved tip planform and sports an exceptionally clean sail with a Mylar or 205MT leading edge and 205MT trailing edge offered as standard equipment, or an available upgrade to either Hydranet of UVM sailcloth. An extended bottom surface in the root cleanly fairs in the hang loop. For the 2009 model year, the U2 features an upgraded and improved sail cut that results in improved performance and even better handling characteristics. An upgrade to an all Mylar top surface is also an available option for 2009.
In the air, at the looser VG settings, the U2 offers, light, quick response coupled with forgiving handling characteristics. With the VG on, the gliding range at speed expands dramatically, and the glider tracks straight and true. The U2 uses a weight- and cost-saving conventional VG system. The result is an exceptional performance package that is extraordinarily accessible. The landing characteristics are very straightforward; handling is damped and predictable on approach, the flare window is broad and flare authority is ample.