135 155 175  
Surface 135 155 175
Wing span 29.3 31.5 33.1 p
Aspect Ratio 6.4 6.4 6.3  
Glider Weight 24.5 26.8 31.8 kg
Nose angle 127-132 127-132 127-132 °
Pilot Weight équipé 61-91 68-114 79-145 kg
Speeds 29-82 29-82 29-82 km/h
Minimum sink 1.0 1.0 1.0 m/sec
Best Glide - - -  
Folded Length 184 200 212 inch
Folded Length court - - - m


U2 T2C Falcon Sphinx


The Sport 2 is our latest, and arguably our best, in a long line of easy, fun to fly gliders that offer extraordinary levels of performance. Unlike other high performance kingposted gliders intended for pilots with advanced skills, the Sport 2 is suitable for even a true intermediate level pilot. At the same time, the Sport 2 provides performance that will satisfy an experienced veteran.
We pioneered the concept of "the high performance glider you already know how to fly" 34 years ago. More than 20 years ago, with the introduction of the original Sport 167, we firmly established the parameters of the "Sport Class" glider; a true high performance glider that an intermediate level pilot can fly effectively, and have fun on. Today, first with the U2, and now with the Sport 2, we’ve brought that concept to its highest levels of refinement.
The Sport 2 utilizes internal sprogs for stability along with a single reflex bridle per wing. Equipped standard with the ultra low drag Litestream performance control bar and an effective VG system, the Sport 2 offers glide performance across the speed range that is just slightly below that of the U2! The Sport 2 tracks straight and true at any speed, with no tendency towards oscillations. The Sport 2’s "on rails" directional stability makes aerotowing a breeze, and allows for confident, accurate landing approaches. The Sport 2’s exceptional slow flight handling and performance give it a climb rate in thermals that is unsurpassed. Its unusually light weight and good static balance make ground handling and launching easy. Landing characteristics are also easy and forgiving, ensuring that even the end of your flight will be something to enjoy. And finally, the Sport 2 comes with all of the built in quality, and backed by all of the extensive support.