Thor130 Thor250 HPD10 HPD13.5  
Energy essence essence electric electric  
Power 21.5 36 13 18.5 CV
Motor weight 12 20 5 6 kg
Energy weight 7 7 29 29 kg
Autonomy 2 2 1 1 h
Refrigeration Air Eau Air Air
Foldable blades non non oui oui  
Electric starter non oui oui oui  
Set up time 4'30 4'30 4'30 4'30  
Max in Flight Weight 80-200 80-250 80-180 80-220 kg
Max usable weight 110 160 90 145 kg
Certification FR FR FR FR  


SAMSON 12 Thor 250
SAMSON 12 Thor 200
SAMSON 19 Thor 250
SAMSON 19 Thor 200


fr fr fr


"Honey! Don't forget to put the Trike in the trunk for this week end!". When technology meets optimisation, when modular embraces simplicity, and practical rhymes with logical than pleasure is synonymous to SAMSON. Ultra-foldable tandem trike, it can adapt to many types of light wings and different motors. Extremely quick to set up, adaptable to many configurations, the Samson is the "I-fly" worthy of it's generation. Easy to store, transport without a trailer, single seater or tandem, electric motor or combustion, hangglider or Trike wing, the apps on this jewel of technology have only begun to surprise you!


The Samson is a combination of a hangglider wing and a trike power unit, both have the same name. The trike power unit we are describing in this page was designed to be folded/set up with it's motor in less than 5 minutes. Lightly weighted (23kg without the motor) it is easy to transport in a car and to store. Robust, it was designed to stand 250kg at Take off. Adaptable to many configurations, amongst which the 3 Polini motors of the Thor range and also the electric HPD range of HPD motors, the Tornado 280 and the Corsaire Black Bull. Many hang-gliders can fit on the Trike without changing a thing. Simple and economical, the SAMSON is easy to maintain, everything is accessible and consumption is very low. Evolutionary, it is possible to change the motors the wings and more options very quickly but still keep the same base.


When used with HPD12 and HPD16 and fueled with a 116Ah battery (29kg) the Trike can fly over 1hour. Optimal for singleseater and to make the best out of the airmass, the HPD 16 can support a second light passenger (maximum total pilote+passenger mass=145kg). The battery charges in 6H, both Samson 12 and 19 hanggliders are compatible. Beyond the satisfaction of limiting CO2 emission and sound polution, Flying an electric motor means no more investment in fuel and oil and no more stains or vapors in the car or in the storage.


Coupled to the Polini Thor motors, the vibrations induced by the explosions are deadened by a counter shaft. Consumption is relatively low (maxi 6L/h). The Thor 250 and its 36 HP fully reveals the tandem potential of the SAMSON, allowing it to rise 2m/s with the SAMSON12 wing when completely loaded. Farther down the range, the Thor 130, thanks to its light weight, allows to adapt the trike on many hanggliding wings without passing there maximum load tolerance. Its huge advantage remains in the fact that the advanced position of the pilots seat is compatible with most of the hanggliders basebar positions. Meaning you can fly your glider with the Samson without changing a thing.