- ORYX 14 ORYX 16.9  
Surface - 14.9 16.9
Cruising speed - 80-110 85-120 km/h
VSO - 50 52 km/h
VNE - 160 170 km/h
Wing weight - 53 55 kg
Best Glide with REVO - 9.8 9.6  
set up time - 30 30 min
Battens (Top/Bottom) - 24/12 24/12  
Aspect Ratio - 6.35    
Folded Length - 4.65   m
Carbon Option - yes No  
Electric Trim Option - yes yes  
Max in Flight Weight - 250-400 300-472.5 kg
Maximum Load - 472.5 472.5 kg
Minimum sink mini - 2.6 2.4 m/sec
Certification - FR/DULV FR/DULV  


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Producing Topless wings since 1994, Lamouette decided to extend its expertise in the matter to Trike wings. Featuring struts strong enough to support the structure -3G +6G, the ORYX is the fastest wing of our collection. More stable, more efficient and robust than the Ipsos range, the ORYX is particularly suitable for long distances, competitions and powerful engines. The loss of the mast allows better storage especially in low ceiling hangars. The ORYX can fit a variety of Trikes and engines. Extra options are available including the adaptation of an electrical Trim, Carbon struts and Winglets.


Two sizes are available for the ORYX wing, however the difference in speeds are small.
The ORYX 14 tends to handle better and is most efficient on average weight trikes such as the Phase II, O²B, GTbi, Voyageur, most Trikes equipped with a ROTAX 582. The optimal total weight on take off is between 250kg and 400kg. Above that range, the wing will still fly fine but it will loose performance and handling.
The ORYX 16.9 on the other hand may seem stiffer on light weight trikes, but will adapt better to heavier loads such as Ventura, Revo, Combo, Tanarg, Deltajet2 trikes and powerful motors(ROTAX 912, BMW). The optimal total weight on take-off for this wing is in the range of 300 to 472.5kg


It is possible to order carbon struts, lighter and thinner they will optimize the wings performance producing less drag. These Struts allow to gain up to 2kg on the wing, thus diminishing inertia and increasing handling.
The carbon Winglets were designed to stabilise the wing yaw and optimise efficiency by reducing the vortex.
The electric trim is sold as an option considering certain Trikes already are equipped with one (Combo, O²B). The point is to shift the hang-point forward or backward to increase or decrease speed without any efforts on the control bar. This option is particularly appreciated to increase cruising speed for long distance flights.