ROTAX582 ROTAX912 HKS700  
Power 64 80 - CV
Fuel Gasoline Gasoline  
Motor weight - - - kg
Noise Level 7 7 29 kg
Autonomy 2 2 1 h
Refrigeration Eau Eau Eau  
Electric starter yes yes yes  
Max in Flight Weight 450 450 450 kg
Maximum usable weight 298 265 265 kg
Certification FR FR FR  


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The O²B was designed by former French Champion Bruno Bouron. It is a light and original trike, built of welded 24CD4S steal tubes. The arch form of the structure makes fewer parts to assemble, more space for the passenger and a large volume for baggage compartment, tank seats and accessories. The frame can be covered with a neoprene cover that forms the luggage compartment. The control panel can be installed with various instruments and indicators on demand. The trike can be equipped with different motors: Rotax (503 ,582 and 912) Sauer or HKS 700.

0²B WITH HKS 700

A reliable and economical 4 stroke motorisation. The positioning and configuration of the motor (carburettor in front) allows to use the motor at maximum recommended regime without overheating it even when loaded. It gives a 5 to 7 hours flight time with the 53 liters tank and cruising speed between 80 and 110 km/h.


The O²B can be equipped with the two strokes motors Rotax 503 (52hp) or 582 (64hp), making it a light trike, easy to maintain and attractive economically. Easy to handle, comfortable volume wise and fun to pilot, it is very nice for teaching, for tandems, club renting or site seeing. With an empty weight of 152 kg, it has an excellent Useful load: 298kg with the reinforced version. Allowing to transport any passengers without passing the limits of the trike and keeping performances that will not put the occupants at risk. It can also be used for towing hanggliders especially with the bigger surface wings( 16,16.9 or 19m²).


The O²B can also adapt to the reliable Rotax 912 (80HP) Motor. Along with the ORYX wing it makes a comfortable assembly perfect for long distances. Take-off's are extremely short and the climb rate is excellent (6.5m/s). Tandem consumption is reliable (estimated bellow 10litre/hour at a cruising speed of 90Km/h). Thanks to a good positioning of the motor and the thrust axis, the Tork effect of the propeller is well compensated.


Just like the rest of the structure, the front fork is maid of 24CD4S steal, It is buffered through a silent-block system. As an option it is possible to adapt the brake disk displayed here.
In order to optimise the trike volume wise and weight wise, the passenger seat contains the 53L fuel tank.
Front seat is easy and quick to adjust, just remove the quick pins that maintain it and shift the seat forward or backward : 3 positions are possible presenting a big advantage when the trike is used for school, it will adapt to the pilot.
The motor mount allows an easy access to all the elements thus facilitating maintenance.
The wind shield (inspired by motorbike designs) is small and effective, it protects well both occupants and doesn't reflect much sun thanks to its size.
The landing gear is made of two almost horizontal Zicral bars allowing a good buffering on hard landings and taxiing. The control panel is quickly removed and installed with a quick pin and a connector for wiring. The trike is compatible with all of La Mouette's Wings. Thanks to it's reasonable height it is easy to fold the ORYX glider on top.