Over the years La Mouette has adapted itself, daring unbelievable developments. In early 1974, Gérard Thevenot still a student at the engineering school of Nancy ISIN acquires the plans of the Seagull (an American manufactured glider) and decided to build his own wing based on this model in order to fulfil his wishes to become airborne. He called the wing “La Mouette” ( Meaning Seagull in French). By mistake he built the leading edges stronger than required due to the materials he had at hand, thus improving the wing's stability and performance. Enthusiasm about hanggliding and the new wing spread rapidly among his friends who begged him to build some for them.

Jean-Marc Thevenot, already employed at the time and very skilled with his hands, helped his younger brother construct these gliders and quickly realized how productive and promising this adventure could be. So he decided to start a company combining Gérard’s talent as a pilot and designer with his own intuitive skills for management. The company, La Mouette progressively grew and largely contributed to the performance and safety of the sport.

atlas In 1979 La Mouette introduced the mythical “ATLAS” glider, which caused a real revolution in the hanggliding world. Equiped with sprogs, rigid and pre-formed aluminum battens, a pocket for the leading edge and a mylar sheet making a smoother leading edge for better penetration, the premises of a double surface, a fan-type arrangement for folding and unfolding. It offered above all safety and manoeuvrability. La Mouette built over 8000 Atlas wings that inspired numerous copies. 30 years later the Atlas remains a reference in matters of safety and pleasure, and is often used to introduce beginners to the sport. Furthermore, the technology developed at that time is still of use to current manufacturers around the world.

In time, the experience, the constant improving and professionalism of the company maintained it at the highest level as number one hangglider and Ultralight wings manufacturer for many years, seeing itself rewarded by the French ministry of industry. Building European and World champion gliders, beating Records and often ahead in trends and performance.

In 1982 La Mouette develops its first Ultralight and introduces Ultralight towing where the hangglider pilot is pulled by a rope tied to the Ultralight and going through its propeller on one end and tied directly to the pilot on the other end. Thus permitting hanggliding to be developed in numerous regions that lack of surrounding mountains. La Mouette creates the company COSMOS, in order to build the trikes that will go under their wings. Latter dropping the motor part and selling COSMOS in 1987 to concentrate exclusively on Ultralight wings the company has cumulated many years developing and designing safe wings, resistant and easy to handle.

In 1986 viewing the potential of paramotors, the company decides to develop a model of their own.

In 1995 La Mouette led another noticeable revolution in the hang-gliding world being the first company to adapt Carbon technology and develop “Topless” gliders without struts or kingposts. Giving birth to today’s generation of gliders.

ipsos La Mouette company concentrates then exclusively in the development and in the production of new hang gliders and trike wings, acquiring years of development and conception of safe and resistant wings.
In 2003 thanks to it’s accurate calculation and based on the previous model the “Chronos” Lamouette builds an optimal weight/resistance glider the “Ipsos” and develops 4 models, the 12,9 and the 14,9 for high performance, speed and manoeuvrability, the 16,9 and the 19 for a huge range of speeds and a very forgiving handling.

2010 marks a rebirth for Lamouette who decided to reinvest in innovation, dedicating ourselves mainly to the development of new Ultralight wings and Hanggliding gear such as Harnesses, we also intend to work on challenges of our time: Gérard Thevenot already designed an entirely autonomous Hydrogen Powered Ultralight in time to cross the English Channel for the 100th birthday of Louis Bleriot’s performance (note any similarity?). Furthermore we intend on a short term base to manufacture electrical powered and environmental oriented Ultralights as an answer in our branch to today’s concerns.