HPD10 HPD13.5  
Power 13.6 18.5 CV
Weight - - kg
Refrigeration air air  
Noise Level - - -
Rotations/minute 2100 2100 rpm
Electric Starter yes yes  


Rotax Polini


Electric motors are becoming popular in the automotive world. Aeronautic naturally benefits of all the research that has been invested in batteries and other energy sources pushing them even further due to it's selective needs. The HPD motors convert 94% of the energy they are feed into useful power. Lighter, more compact and efficient, cleaner, silent and easy to maintain, it beats the combustion motors in every aspect by far. Today the most common energy source to feed these motors is Li-ion Batteries. Although there price can seem high at first it has to be considered an investment because every time you will charge and discharge the battery you are not buying gasoline.
Other energy sources have been studied and tested, amongst them, the Hydrogen fuel cell for which Lamouette is proud to announce having designed under supervision of Gérard Thevenot, the very first aircraft entirely propelled with hydrogen. A few months later Gérard crossed the English channel to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Bleriots attempt.
The HPD motors are designed for the relatively low operating rotation speed of direct driven 2-blade propellers of 1.3 to 1.5 m diameter, having the highest possible efficiency but also a negligible sound level. It is indeed a (Polyphase Permanently magnet excited Synchronic Machine - PPS) being driven by a three-phase power output stage DST as brushless DC-motor. In its performance class between 10 kW and 15 kW it is indeed world leader. With approx. 1 kW performance per 0,33 kg weight it achieves a power density, which is considered as being unmatched worldwide


The HPD 10 features under its rated power of electrical 10 kW in continuous operation at 52 V battery voltage a power input of 190A. It hereby achieves a nominal speed of 2100 min-1 and torque of 42 Nm. The limiting values are between 220 to 230 A in accordance to the cooling of the power output stage, or 50 Nm torque in short-term during the start-up phase
The HPD 13.5 is more powerful than the 10Kw. It allows to exploit the SAMSON trike as a 1+1 and it rivals power-wise with small combustion motors outstanding them in every other aspect. As light as the 10Kw it consumes more energy at full thrust but the consumption will be identical at equal power.