One size Only  
Projected area 34.33
Flat area 40.00
Glider weight 7.5 kg
Total line length 450 m
Height 9.39 m
Number of main lines 3/4/3/2 A/B/C
Cells 52  
Flat aspect ratio 5.3  
Projected aspect ratio 3.88  
Root cord 3.46 m
Flat span 15.56 m
Projected span 11.50 m
In-flight weight range 120-220 kg
Trim speed 42 km/h
Top speed 52 km/h
Min sink 1.0 m/sec
Best Glide 9.0  
Certification EN/LTF-B  


Adam Wasp Tala Luna


The Dual is designed for commercial pilots who use the glider as a tool to give the paragliding experience to their passengers, but also for hobby tandem pilots the Dual fits simply perfect. We think paragliding provides great feelings of flight; this glider is designed to share them with others. The Dual is for the pilot that wants a wing that will handle like their solo wing and launch and land easily.
The Dual is an EN-B rated tandem paraglider designed by Bruce specifically to share the fun. With one size at 40m². meters flat and a weight range of 120 - 220 kg we believe it is the perfect size for almost any couple to comfortably fly. We don’t want our pilots to risk flying uninsured by carrying passengers that take them outside their glider's certification.
Of course, we have added CCB to the Dual’s leading edge in an effort to improve stability and performance. It worked.
The Dual is equipped with trimmers so pilots can adjust the handling and speed according to their passenger and loading.
When I fly most tandem gliders I don’t feel I have enough control over the wing while thermaling. I think this is because a tandem wing is usually faster holding more energy and inertia than a solo wing. Personally, I don't have enough strength in my arms to make the glider, do what I want.
Bruce G.:"I don’t really want to start weight training so I designed the Dual to have softer and most importantly - very sensitive brakes. The Dual gives the pilot more authority for launching, flying, and landing like on a solo wing."


« Cord Cut Billow » technology has been developed to improve the form friction, glider stability and overall performance of our gliders. Two seams run cord-wise across the top panels of the leading edge, and these accommodate the panel ballooning that happens when the wing is inflated. Up to ten centimetres of excess material is created on the sides of an inflated flat panel bending over a wing profile. Normally this results in ripples on the seams, but our Cord Cut Billow technology means the bulge is absorbed into the panels, which reduces this rippling. This in turn improves the rib’s profile shape and stability.

We have added plastic in the leading edge to help with inflation, resist wear and tear, and reduce weight overall. We also found a good nose job helps with penetration into lift.

We have found that elliptical cell openings give better lower surface tension making for smoother inflation, and re-inflation after collapses.

There is a long positive trimmer range on the Dual giving a very nice speed range.

The Dual is constructed without fragile lightweight materials and only weighs 7.5kg.


Top surface: Porcher 9017-E38A soft 40g/m2
Bottom surface: Dominico N20 DMF 34g/m2
Internal structure: Dominico D30 DFM
Nose reinforcing: Plastic wire 2,5mm et 2,0 mm
Risers: 20 mm black Nylon webbing
Pulleys: None
Top lines: PPSL120 DSL70
Middle lines: TSL 140,220,280
Middle lines: TSL 280,380,500
Brakes: DSL70